About us

Our company

Eiffel Markets was created in 2013 by a couple of French residents in Singapore tired of paying too much to drink good wine.

Since the founders lived in the Rhone Valley and the Loire Valley, two major wine regions in France, they knew personally a few winemakers, able to make good wines at affordable prices.

As such wines could not be found in Singapore, we decided to import them ourselves.

Though we initially started this business for our personal consumption, the quality of the wines has quickly propagated to our friends, friends of friends, hotels, cafes, restaurants, bars and wine shops, "through the grapevine".

Our Positioning

We import exclusively wine from high quality producers in France to supply restaurants and private clients in Singapore. We have carefully selected the best value for money amongst boutique, artisanal, family wineries, who respect the nature and the environment and try to get the best expression of the grapes, soil and climate with every vintage, what we call "Terroir" in french, a sense of place. Most of our wines are certified organic (AB, Ecocert) and biodynamic (Demeter, Biodyvin), made in respect of the environment and the consumers. 

Our wines are fruity and easy to drink, with a lot of depth and character. In fact, they are the opposite of standardized, homogenized, commodity wines available in supermarkets all over the world. The only downside is that the production volume is quite limited. These wines are not meant for everyone, they are rare and hard to find. We are not interested in Big Brands or names dropping, on the contrary, we are seeking talented winemakers who navigate under the radar, because they are underrated, undervalued, hidden gems who deliver the most bangs for your bucks.

Our guiding principles

1. We only work with single estates, independent winegrowers who make wine from the grapes growing on their plots of land. We do not take wine from cooperatives nor negociants who blend grapes from multiple origins to produce million of bottles. We always import the wines directly from the producers without involving middlemen, auction houses or private collectors in our sourcing. This traceability enables us to guarantee the quality and the provenance of all our wines and offer you the best possible price in Singapore. Our wines are probably the best value for money french wines in Singapore, on average 20% cheaper than our competitors (based on 300 labels comparison surveyed in November 2017). We beat them on price or quality and sometimes both quality and price!

2. We only work with winegrowers who respect the environment. Actually, most of our wines are certified organic (AB, Ecocert) or biodynamic (Demeter, Biodyvin). The others are following sustainable farming principles but are usually not certified for economic reasons (getting certified is expensive, time consuming and represents a lot of paperwork in France). This is really important for us as 90% of the world wine production relies heavily on fossil fuel energy and agrochemicals to produce volume and consistency, at the expense of their health and the environment. We have the largest selection of organic french wines in Singapore at the time of writing and we are pleased to see more and more people looking for clean, environmentally friendly produces! When you buy organic products you not only get a better quality but also send a strong message to the industry to start producing goods in a sustainable manner.

3. Our producers harvest grapes manually at optimum ripeness and bring them to the winery in small baskets. Use a machine and you will inevitably end up with grapes which are unripe or overly riped mixed together with leaves, bugs, etc... Also the grapes tend to be lightly crushed on the harvesters conveyor belt so people use more sulfites to prevent the leaking juice to oxidize. No wonder cheap wines give you headaches... Here again, this is hardly compatible with large productions, but good grapes hand picked at optimum ripeness is mandatory to make good wines!

4. The winemaking is as natural as possible. The alcoholic fermentation starts with indigenous yeasts and the wine clarification occurs naturally without needing fining agents nor filtration. Nothing is added, nothing is taken, hence the wine in your glass is a true expression of the terroirs of origins.

5. We always ship our wines in refrigerated containers (no dry containers, no airplane) and store them in regulated temperature warehouses with constant hygrometry. This is obviously more expensive than in dry containers and air-con rooms but this is the best way to preserve all the fresh and subtle aromas in your favourite bottle of wine.

6. We believe that wine is more than an alcoholic beverage to drink to get high, it is a cultural and civilization product, it is important to appreciate its history and to know its geographic origin, as well as the people who make it. As a matter of fact, we conduct numerous wine tasting, wine pairing and wine dinner to share the story behind every label. It is a fun way to learn France's history, geography and culinary tradition. Feel free to liaise with us if you wish to organize a private or corporate event, to entertain your clients or reward your staff, we would be glad to customize the experience based on your budget and preferences.

To summarize, all these principles guarantee the origin and quality of our wines, they are fruity and savory, full of depth and character, lovely to drink and to share with friends!

We hope you have a wonderful time drinking our wines and look forward to hearing from you soon!

Sincerely yours,

Eiffel Markets Team