French Wine Price Comparison Online Singapore October 2020

French Wine Price Comparison in Singapore in October 2020

The festive season is around the corner and it is a good idea to shop around before giving in to the usual end of the year shopping frenzy.

We compared the regular retail price of 300 French wines, hailing from 10 major wine regions, available online in October 2020, across 18 established wine merchants in Singapore.


We looked for the closest match within the same region, same appellation and same quality, whenever possible. It doesn't make sense to compare the price of a generic Bordeaux with a Saint Emilion, an old vintage with a recent one, a cooperative or negociant (Maison/Cave/Brand XYZ) with a single estate (Château/Domaine/Clos), nor a conventional wine (black color) with an organic wine (green color) or biodynamic wine (orange color), as the quality would vary greatly. When a merchant proposed multiple labels within the same appellation, we always picked the cheapest option available, to be fair.

Click on the link below to open the table (Excel file):

French Wine Price Comparator 2020


Eiffel Markets is 22% cheaper on average!

Some wine merchants clearly focus on the most expensive wines (i.e. star winegrowers in famous appellations), the quality is good for sure but the prices are irrelevant, sky is the limit; while others wine shops would rather offer the cheapest wines in town, or the widest selection, sacrificing quality for quantity, if necessary.

Some wine merchants seem to arbitrarily start off high retail prices and apply automatically hefty discounts all year round. A bit manipulative to say the least? Would you like to buy 1 bottle for the price of 2 and get 1 free? How about a bit more transparency? Seriously guys, stop advertising fake discounts, please check the new CCCS guidelines : Price-transparency-guidelines


Eiffel Markets probably have the narrowest selection of wine, but also the most stringent selection process, focusing exclusively on French wines instead of wines from all around the world, boutique wineries rather than big brands, and prioritizing organic and biodynamic wines, we often beat the competition on quality or price, and even propose a better quality at a better price sometimes, hence our positioning "the best value for money French wines in Singapore."

Thus said, we are not magicians, we only have a lean structure and small margins, the struggle is real. If you found this french wine price comparative study interesting, please remember us the next time you want to buy some wine in Singapore!

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(We had limited time to make this price comparator so if you spot any mistake, please let us know and we will update the table, thank you!)

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