We all have seen organic grocery stores popping up in capital cities like Paris, New York, London, Berlin... There is no doubt that organic products are trending in recent years, however they start off a very low base. In 2017, only 1.4% of the world farmland is organic. The grape growing worldwide is doing slightly better, but only 5.7% of the world vineyard is organic. The vast majority of agriculture today still rely heavily on fossil fuel energy, agrochemicals, synthetic pesticides, fungicides, fertilizers, weedkillers, antibiotics, GMOs...

1) Organic Agriculture worldwide

According to the Research Institute of Organic Agriculture (FIBL) 2019 survey on organic agriculture worldwide, the organic farmland, the number of organic producers and organic retail sales continued to grow and reached another all-time high in 2017.

2017 Organic Agricultural Land represented: 69.8 million hectares (11 million hectares in 1999) = 1.4% of Global Agricultural Land.

Half was in Australia (35.9 million hectares) and 21% in Europe (14.6 million hectares), followed by Latin America (8 million hectares, 11%), Asia (6.1 million hectares, 9%), North America (3.2 million hectares, 5%), and Africa (2.1 million hectares, 3%).

In 2017 there were 2.9 million organic farmers (1999: 200'000 producers) in 181 countries.

40% of the world’s organic producers are in Asia (India : 835’000), followed by Africa (28%) and Latin America (16%).

FIBL Organic Agriculture Key Indicators 2017

The Organic Market represented 97 billion US dollars (2000: 17.9 billion US dollars).

About 90% of sales were in North America and Europe.

The countries with the largest organic markets were the United States (40 billion euros), Germany (10 billion euros), and France (7.9 billion euros).

Key selected crops are Cereals (4.4 million hectares), Oilseeds (1.2 million hectares), Dry Pulses (950k ha), Coffee (890k ha), Olives (880k ha), Vegetables (675k ha), Grapes (400k ha), Cocoa (385k ha), Tropical Fruits (380k ha), and Temperate Fruits (200k ha).

Organic Farmland Worldwide in 2017

2) Organic Grape production worldwide

More than 403’000 hectares of organic grapes are grown in 2016, constituting 5.8% of the world’s grape-growing area (altogether 7.1 million hectares).

Almost 90% of the world’s organic grape area is in Europe.

The rest is distributed almost equally among Asia, North America, and Latin America.

In Europe, over 340’000 hectares of vineyards are organic (8.7% of the harvested grape area).

In 2017 the countries with the largest organic grape areas are Spain and Italy, each with more than 100’000 hectares of organic grapes, followed by France with over 78’000 hectares (today = 94 000 ha).

Based on current trends, France is expected to reach the first place by 2030 (approx 115 000 ha).

Organic Grape Growing Worldwide

3) Organic Grape Growing in France

France is a leading producer and consumer of organic wine. Here are some Key Figures in France in 2018:

6 726 wineries are certified organic or in conversion (+37% during 2013-2018).

94 020 hectares of vines are grown organically (+45% during 2013-2018).

12% of the French vineyard are certified organic or in conversion.

Top 10 French Departments Organic Vineyards Surface

French organic wine = 72% AOP, 25% IGP, and 3% VDF.

2.28 million hectolitres of French organic wine were sold in 2018 (equivalent to 285 million bottles.)

1.32 million hl (58% in volume) consumed in France for a value of €1.05 billion (x 2 in 5 years). 0.96 million hl (42% in volume) exported.

French organic wine represented 99% of the organic wine consumed in France.

Top 10 French Department Organic Wine Production in hl

Organic wine distribution = €197 million in Supermarkets, €202M in Wine Shops, €218M in Organic Shops, €435M directly from Wineries.

Organic wine = 4% of the volume of wine consumed in France, = 12.5% in value.

Top 10 French Department in % of Wine Production that is Organic

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